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1% - Civil & Civic Association Film Video Sharing

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Please offer your arise to 1% of our body (Civil Film Association),

to continue to operate your civilian video sharing sites!

Tax ID 18617137-1-11 

The name of the recipient:  Civil Film Association,

we thank you in advance for your support.


A statement has to be downloaded here (send it on, post it, if you like :)



Reaches HERE>


SMALL ACCOUNTS last year's pledges: last year (2013), 78 in (2 X as many as in 2012 recommended to you :) the guild FILM CIVIL given 1% of what he received in September 2013. All this was £ 186,417. This amount is wonderful, because in 2012 it was only £ 160,411, not to mention the amount in 2011, when 18,513 forints offering received. 

In 2013 it had revenues of all, it is £ 187,417 offered by you - because money did not get the tender. Unfortunately, this is currently true. The money for operating costs (internet, phone, low value purchases of fixed assets) was spent, salaries, staff salaries, things like that are not paid for it - otherwise we just / all volunteer three years ago.

Lecco, Lecco help me this year as well - where 1% !!! :) (: !!!

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The projektelésen should too ... er ... the social-influence is;) (poster series on Facebook)

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Civil sharing the video "projektelésről" and social effects - 6 capable of using facebook album


Well, this essay is worth a brief written itten ni: 


The NGOs YouTube video sharing problem a few line summary of the 4,000,000-moving video viewing perspective: very essence of the NGO 8/10 was wrong to use YouTube. Because no database, but storage space as I do not make it searchable by you was lifted their videos to their organization / video relevant to their descriptions, keywords corresponding addresses.
In case you're interested in knowing more info on best way to earn extra income, stop by

That is, do not integrate the video on any large shared database / knowledge base, ergo, thus not on youtube, not on Google is unable to act, to live in.
Thus, they achieve 5-10 times fewer people than it could be - and the videos embodied knowledge, szolidaritás-, etc., can not be content to act / be utilized.
It is disastrous folly, resources and opportunities wasted idiot that needs to be changed.
More - 
7 photos



FOUR-millionth Watching movies on video-sharing CIVIL + low opinion of civilians jutubozásáról - 02/17/2014.

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4000000 = today (02.17.2014.) In the civilian video sharing ( crossed the four millionth video viewing.

(2013 totaled 1,150,000 videónézésünk. In 2013 380 0 is achieved in 00 people in the NGOs with video.)
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The Google "video sharing", "videos NGOs' terms

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In November, crossed the  annual video-viewing numbers  in  a million. Which means,  only in 2013 has been clicked on more than one million times members of society onto a non-governmental organization civiljutubos video. What is it if not anything else? At the same time, the  working world videómegosztója smallest budget in  the civil video sharing :( In the last three years, there was a total of HUF 0.5 million to HUF Affairs basis of our operation so our income - financial evisceration of our employees - their regret largest;. Means). Compared to this, we run pretty well ... for example, if you type. the "video sharing phrase" the  GOOGLE into the  first twenty-four pieces from result  of ours ... (Article) What if the applications may be decision-makers would give money for our work? Too many "civilian positions"?


1) Google "video sharing" word:


 Result, 2013-12-03

 Examining the first twenty results:

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YouTube belong? And this is only about you or anyone else?

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Wake-up poster: VIDEÓFELTÖLTÉSED on YouTube - just about you, or anyone else? 

If you're not looking at the words and phrases that you can use YouTube / other videómegosztókra uploaded your video, you will find others that do not integrate it into any common knowledge / élménybázisba, you just ticked off a required task, fanning the hiúságodat, but you did the others head for whom you work in principle.


YouTube does not hosting, but also the knowledge base, it should be cut, if you really civilkednél.

That's what this one-page poster.

LINK: GOOGLE brutally good rank among video sharing sites

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B rutálisan good GOOGLE rank was introduced into civilian video divisive 2014 01 21.

The search-term "video sharing was."

Which is not outfield sponge.

The was only videómegosztója Index, preceded by the (the third).

The video-sharing of civil 184,000 items found in the FOURTH PLACE listed in Google.

(PICTURE bottom of the article.)


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Released - December 2013 SELECTION

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Released in December 2013 video newsletter. Except you get more than 9,000-ren (domestic + cross-border non-governmental organizations, individuals, media employees) receive :)

 VIDEÓNÉZÉSEK NUMBER - 2013: more than one million one hundred fifty thousand (1,153,183) - In 2013 many times it was clicked members of the society, a non-governmental organization civiljutubos video. This roughly means that approximately 300,000 - 500,000 people achieved one / several civilian video in 2013.

 Search: 41720 pcs. 114 daily searches started in 2013 visitors to the site in. As I had always loved: video is used as a base for people on video-sharing civilians. And this is only a small part Searches: using the site-built Google search for our statistical system does not calculate.

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"EFEB THE CENTER FOR ADULT EDUCATION LTD. EMPLOYEE AND MANAGEMENT Successful completion of the New Széchenyi plan for Social Renewal Operational Programme UNDER training.

Implement workplace apprenticeships won support of more than eight million forints EFEB the Adult Education Centre Ltd. The educational center working 18 years in organizational project management training HUF 1,320,000, 1,696,500 HUF Organizational communication training, management training techniques HUF 1.296 million and 1.260 Computer training. HUF 000 under the reverse-TÁMOP 2.1.3.A-12/2 / 2012-0436 identification number of applications "


15 May 2013.